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Sam Wilson Acoustics

Hi there 👋🏼,

My name is Sam Wilson and I’m a 22 year old guitarist, singer/songwriter and also throw piano into the mix. I have a huge range of music from elvis Presley to Justin Bieber. As you will see from the videos I have a lot of experience playing all different venues including weddings, parties and normal pub gigs too. My first set consists of guitar with vocals then I usually introduce a few songs on the piano to introduce my second set followed by backing tracks to interact with the audience more. As you will also see in the videos my performances are very energetic and I definitely suit a large crowd but this can be tamed for smaller performances/smaller venues.

I offer a wide range of set ups to tailor to your needs for your event/venue. I have quit my job so I am now available all week Monday - Friday alongside weekends. My passion is music and hope my audiences increase in size as I build my fan base.

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