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Kids Parties

Kids Parties

At Ultimate Choices in Worcester, we are thrilled to offer an extraordinary service that brings joy and excitement to every child's special day: kids parties like never before! With our unique offerings and enchanting entertainment, we guarantee an unforgettable experience for your little ones.

What sets our kids parties apart is the presence of two charismatic and lovable characters: Mr. Fox and Mr. Dog. These adorable creatures are sure to capture the hearts of your children and create endless laughter and memories. Their delightful presence will entertain and engage the kids throughout the entire party, ensuring non-stop fun from start to finish.

But that's not all! Our parties also feature a fantastic bouncy castle, providing a thrilling and energetic atmosphere that will keep the kids entertained for hours. They can bounce, jump, and explore to their hearts' content, experiencing the excitement of pure childhood bliss.

And of course, what's a party without music and dancing? Our lively disco will keep the kids grooving to their favourite tunes, with pulsating beats and dazzling lights creating an electric atmosphere. It's the perfect opportunity for the little ones to show off their moves and unleash their inner divas and rockstars.

By choosing our kids parties, you are providing your children with an extraordinary experience that they will cherish for a lifetime. Let us take the stress off your shoulders and handle every aspect of the party, ensuring a seamless and magical celebration. From the moment Mr. Fox and Mr. Dog make their grand entrance to the last dance on the disco floor, we guarantee smiles, laughter, and memories that will be treasured forever.

Don't miss out on creating the most amazing party for your little ones in Worcester! Contact us now to book your incredible kids party experience with Mr. Fox, Mr. Dog, the bouncy castle, and the disco. Let's make their dreams come true and create an enchanting celebration they'll never forget. Call us today, and let the magic begin!

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