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Teresina, a talented singer from the historic city of Nottingham, has captured the hearts of audiences with her electrifying live show, "Gloria Estefan Tribute to the Hits." This vibrant performance is a heartfelt homage to the iconic Gloria Estefan, celebrating the Cuban-American singer's most beloved hits. Teresina's powerful vocals and dynamic stage presence bring Estefan's music to life, offering fans both old and new a chance to experience the rhythm and soul of songs that have left an indelible mark on the music world. Born and raised in Nottingham, Teresina infuses her performances with a blend of local charm and international flair, creating a unique experience that resonates with a diverse audience. Her dedication to authentically capturing the essence of Gloria Estefan's music, combined with her own artistic touch, makes "Gloria Estefan Tribute to the Hits" a must-see show that celebrates the legacy of one of music's greatest stars.

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